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PrimeOrbial-Enabling You
To Build Your Own Worlds
With Real Physics

PrimeOrbial is a 3D physics-based action platformer with an infinitely powerful in-game World Creator. Bounce, tether, hover and fly as you discover the endless possibilities of the Rainbowverse.

Explore whimsical, hand-crafted environments, build your own worlds or modify existing ones. PrimeOrbial invites you to make your creative dreams come true as you play your way through the unfolding Rainbowverse.

Gameplay Features

  • 3D+ physics collision
  • Hyper realistic physics and network replication of physics interactions
  • Cooperative online multiplayer – share the PrimeOrbial experience with your friends
  • Explore our exotic hand-crafted worlds, as well as an ever-growing collection of Community Creations
  • Infinite creative potential with the in-game World Creator

  • Change PrimeOrbial’s shape and material to alter its physical properties and abilities
  • Combine your transformations and abilities for dynamic platforming and exhilarting combat
  • Range of difficulty options for first time PC gamers and PrimeOrbial champions alike

3D+ and real Physics

PrimeOrbial is a game where every pixel counts! Every curve and corner, every tree and flower fully interact with PrimeOrbial in true-to-life form.

You don’t float up a staircase, or roll flat across the ground. You touch and jump over each and every step. You feel every divot and deformation of the terrain – it makes the fantastical feel natural, and creates a uniquely deep gameplay experience.


The World Creator

Unbridled creative potential awaits with this powerful in-game modding tool. Your imagination flows as you shape reality, modifying magnetism, bounciness, movement and manifestation. You decide the shape, size, appearance and physical properties of each and every object you place. Create your own custom shapes and play with them instantly. The PrimeOrbial World Creator gives you the tools to create what you want to play.

Dynamically change shape to change abilities

PrimeOrbial is more than just an orb. It’s a cube-spindle-spikeball-pyramid-orb (which is the best kind by the way!). Each shape PrimeOrbial transforms into gives you access to different abilities and new ways of interacting with the world. The sphere allows PrimeOrbial to roll and shoot and tether. The cube is PrimeOrbial’s dash and smash mode, while the spike ball lets PrimeOrbial stick to walls. Want to levitate? The spindle does that. How about flying? The pyramid gives PrimeOrbial the ability to soar beyond the horizon!


Explore the Rainbowverse with friends, and build your way across the Rainbowverse together. Share your custom creations with others and invite them to put their PrimeOrbial to the test. PrimeOrbial’s coop feature fosters teamwork, coordination and shared creativity.

Hand-crafted Levels

The worlds you play through in PrimeOrbial have been lovingly hand-crafted using the same World Creator that comes with the game. We built the worlds we wanted to play and so can you!


The Art of Combat

PrimeOrbial takes its variety of physics-based mechanics to the battlefield. Use your powers creatively as you battle dozens of drones simultaneously over moving platforms and spewing lava. As your skills increase, you’ll discover new ways to overcome every battle; the skill-ceiling in PrimeOrbial is limitless. Each enemy AI can be customized individually, creating unique gameplay experiences that never play out the same way twice.

Challenge Variants

Do you want something maybe a bit easier and more casual? Maybe something so intense you think it’s impossible? Regardless of your level of experience or desired difficulty, PrimeOrbial’s challenge variant system allows you to pick the fights you want to save the harder stuff for later.

Because of the unique world-building technology that comes with PrimeOrbial, each challenge variant is not just a sliding health bar scaling, but actually incorporates changes to the world terrain, the core behavior patterns of the AI, and can even involve completely new sections to explore! Easier challenge variants may have a flowering garden while harder challenge variants have a lava pit spewing fire in the same spot.

Challenge Variants ensure that PrimeOrbial really can provide a fun experience to you whether you are in the mood to stroll among trees or blast your way out of a spiked pit with Combat Drones firing at you the whole time and physics-simulating destructive obstacles bouncing in front and behind.

PrimeOrbial Gameplay Videos